The site



At the end of a secluded vineyard-lined street, in the heart of Lodève, the buildings of the old limonade factory, 'La Limonaderie', are witness to the town's industrial past. The complex, built on the riverbank, comprises of a main building of the house and gites, the studios and the garden all organised around a large central courtyard, shaded by an immense plane-tree.

From this courtyard a little gate opens onto a private space under the poplar trees on the bank of the river Lergue where you can picnic. This river, which finds it's source not far at the magnificent Pas de l'Escalette on the foothills of the Larzac, is ideal for fishing.


The entire complex is currently being rehabilitated.

In the main building the first gite is ready for seasonal rent, and a second and third, also in the main building, will be ready next summer.


The two outbuildings, the studios, have a screenprinting workshop, an architecture agency and a photography studio. Courses are organised there on a regular basis.


The other, extra, studio is available for resident artists who come to enjoy the sun and the very privileged location of La Limonaderie.