Gateway to the Mediterranean, Lodève is located in the herault departement 50 kilometers from Montpellier - it is a point of contact between two very different worlds: the dry desertic plateaux of the Larzac and the fertile plains of the Herault river.

The contrast of small mountains and mediteranneen plain creates a peculiar climate.

The average temperature in summer around to 32°C, spring and autumn have beautiful hot days.


Nestled between two rivers, the Lergue and the Soulondre, the town stretches from east to west in the center of a natural circus of wooded hills.

This ancient episcopal city was once an important center for textile and has many architectural wonders : the 12th century fortified gothic cathedral, the bishop's palace, the roman Montifort bridge among others.


The town has an art cinema, a multimedia library, a public open-air swimming pool, public tennis courts, a skate park, an area for playing boules..... There are a multitude of events and shows throughout the year.

An authentic and friendly town, the market each saturday morning brings together people from the surrounding villages, and the streets are full of art galleries, cafés, restaurants and shops stocked with produce from local artisans and farmers.


Lodève is listed as an artistic and historical town (Ville d'Art et d'Histoire); the Fleury museum organises an important exhibition every summer, and the poetry festival, "Voix de la mediterannée", which takes place every July, has many public readings and outdoor concerts.